Welcome! You have reached 1-800-Tango-4-U. All of our operators are bizzeee tweeting, texting or blah-blah-blogging. Your call is important…to you. Please hold while we determine if it’s important to us. While you are waiting, use your key pad to reach the following options:
To join the endless discussion of what is REAL tango, Press 1.
To hear a list of the people in your area who think they are qualified to teach on the floor, Press 2.
To join the “I Hate Being Taught on the Floor” protest group, Press 3.
To hear the very last note you wait for in some songs but never comes, Press 4.
To order a CD of that note, Press 5.
To listen to the latest rumors, gossip and sordid social news to see how many times your name comes up, Press 6.
To learn how to tell the difference between someone using cabeceo and someone stalking you, Press 7.
To listen to other couples argue about the same things you argue about, Press 8.
To join the 24/7 debate about whether the cross should be led or automatic, Press 9.
To hear all the reasons you should purchase another pair of shoes, hang up and call 1-800-P-O-L-L-Y.
To hear all the reason why you should NOT purchase another pair of shoes…well, there aren’t any.
To speak to a Supervisor, pound the pound key.
In case someone picks up before you hang up and asks a few uncomfortably personal questions, we guarantee that your information is as safe with us as it is with our nation’s top governmental agencies and largest corporations. Please continue to hold.