JOEL GMA QUEST COVER 1157614_10201179593625618_568833036_nWelcome  to Polly’s Tango Talk!

My grandson, Joel Smith, was hooked on tango from the moment he tried it at age 13. He was a natural and became an excellent leader in a very short time. The photo was taken about six short years ago when he was 24 and I was, let me think, oh yeah, 72. Things have changed dramatically since then. After two bouts of respiratory failure, am on oxygen 24/7 and all the accoutrements that tag along. Dancing is now a memory…..25 years worth of magic I would never have known had tango and I not found each other. My books, “Tango Quest” and “Tango and Life” represent and reflect those wonderful years of learning, loving and living Argentine Tango.

I would enjoy hearing your comments and tango story.  tangopolly@gmail.com

My other website tells the story of how my son  won the one-of-a-kind clone of Richard Petty’s (world famous and most winning race car driver in history) 1970 Plymouth Superbird! http://www.iwonthekingscar.com. 



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