It’s All About the Shoes

Women’s shoes are more than footwear. They are our equipment, so to speak, and can make the difference between a great evening and one of podiatric torture.  The right shoes can make the difference between looking “tango” and trying to look “tango” and they can make the  difference between elegance and ordinary legwork and footwork.

Shoes that are designed specifically for tango, support our feet and ankles exactly right and we can wear them for long periods of time, even if they are 3” or higher in the heel.

After shopping for gorgeous footwear,  everyday shoes are much less appealing and cannot compare in style or how they make us feel.  In the right shoes, we are tango from head to toe.

 We watch the kaleidoscope of colors and styles pass by and secretly envy certain ones we wish were in our collection.  We “ooh” and “ahhh” over someone’s newest addition and admire them from every angle.

After we have danced in the real deal, we do not go back to lower heels unless our feet are begging for mercy.  When we remove them after several hours, it’s difficult to describe the discomfort in the balls of our feet, but we know that with some rest and remedial treatment, we’ll be ready again for the next time.

Men’s shoes:    usually black; worn till they disintegrate.

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