OK…Not OK…

It’s OK To…

Be overwhelmed.  This could be the most difficult thing we ever attempt to learn.

Stumble a bit when our thinker is over-taxed.

Ask dumb questions. Others are probably wondering the same things.

Get frustrated when describing  our passion to a non-Tangoid.

Seek perfection.  It’s a nice fantasy.

Make up stuff that doesn’t work.

Nestle in the arms of someone we’ve never met before.

Hit the wall when brain and brawn are exhausted.

Feel brilliant one minute and moronic the next.

It’s Not OK To…

Blame a partner, the floor,  the weather for our missteps.

Compare partners to another parner.

Proclaim our preferences are “more  authentic” “better” or “best.”

Assume beginners want a lesson.

Hum, whistle, chew, blow, or talk in our partner’s ear

Forget the generous partners who danced with us when we knew nothing.

Forget what it felt like to be a beginner.

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